Here are the major functions of WAWIO POS system tutorial
that help you work more effectively.

basic ordering

How to create a new order and adding items into the order.

  1. Select a table and tap OPEN ORDER or double click at your selected table.
  2. Enter number of guest.
  3. Start adding items.
  4. Tap DONE then your orders will be sent to kitchen.


This feature is to split an order into multiple tickets that customers can pay their own bills separately.

  1. Open order then tap “Split”.
  2. Tap “New” to add tickets as you need.
  3. Select desired items on the first split ticket then tap on the new ticket to transfer items
  4. Tap “DONE” when you finish split order, then tap “Yes” if you want to print receipt otherwise tap “NO”.
  5. The ticket was split into two as you can see on the right.

HOW TO combine order

This feature is to combine orders into a single ticket, you can combine orders over the order types.

  1. Open a ticket you want to combine.
  2. Tap “Combine” Combine Page will open.
  3. Select a ticket you want to combine (the order detail will be showing on the right).
  4. Then tap “COMBINE ORDER” to combine the orders.
  5. The orders have been combined.

HOW TO transfer table

This button is to transfer orders from one table to another table. This feature allowed transferring to both available tables and occupied tables.

  1. Select a desired table, then tap “Table Transfer.
  2. Tap on the table you want to transfer to…
  3. Tab “OK” to confirm.
  4. The table has been transferred.

How to mark items as ToGo

This button is to mark/unmark items as ToGo on the order list.

  1. You can mark items on order list as ToGo, follow next step.
  2. Add or select desired item you want to mark as ToGo.
  3. Select desired item then tap “ToGo”, the item will be marked as togo order.
  4. All the items marked as ToGo will be marked as ToGo on the Kitchen ticket as well.

How to split payment

Split Payment function allows employees to split payment evenly, manually, and divine Split (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/n), all split payments can be paid by any payment method.

  1. Select a ticket you want to split payment and tap “PAY”.
  2. Tap “Even Split” if you want to make payment at even amount.
  3. Enter number of split, tap “DONE”.
  4. Payment boxes will show up with even amount, also you can choose any payment method for each box.
  5. To make manual split payment, follow next step.
  6. Tap “Manual Split” Enter number split amount then tap “DONE”.
  7. A split box will show on the middle, the remaining balance will display on the left.